Optim V Feminine Care

Optim V offers a custom-formulated product line created to help women feel confident and comfortable. From our pH-balanced intimate cleansing wash to our carefully curated anti-itch cream, Optim V has the products you need not only for fast relief but to feel confident in your everyday. Now offering pregnancy tests guaranteed to give you rapid results in 2 minutes. Optim V - Intimately through for you! View our complete list of product offerings below. Bulk orders are also available - contact us today to learn more.
OptimV® Prueba de Embarazo


OptimV® Pregnancy Test is easy to use and proven to show clear results in as little as three minutes. Over 99% accurate. 1 test per box.
OptimV® Intimate Cleansing Wash/Enjuague de Higiene Intima


OptimV®  Intimate Cleansing Wash has a pH-balanced & odor blocking formula designed to provide relief and calming effect for your most delicate parts. Made with all natural ingredients, this feminine wash will give you all the protection and balance you need in...
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